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Cork Creative

Ask, believe, receive is instruction I often live by. It is my experience that when you trust in God, He will bless you with more than you could have known to ask for yourself.

Working with Cork Creative has once again confirmed my belief. All of the beautiful main images you see on my website are a product of Cork Creative's genius.

With over 14 years in the bridal industry, I have met many photographers, but had never met Tara and Caleb of Cork Creative. I was referred to them by a photographer friend who was unavailable for my shoot. (When a photographer refers another photographer, you know they've got to be good!) So I immediately checked out their website (you should, too) and was amazed:

I instantly fell in love with their style. Their edgy approach to capturing emotion on film is what I appreciate as an artist.

We met and discussed my vision, but I knew I could trust Tara and Caleb with delivering awesome images. The lengths this dynamic duo went is unbelievable. Watching them create, I marveled at their professionalism and how they worked together as a team. I captured some behind-the-scenes shots of their process:

You gotta do what you gotta do!

I am forever grateful for the hard work and passion Tara and Caleb put into helping me tell my veil collection story.

I hope you consider them to tell your story, too.

Get in touch with them.


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