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Covid-19 changed our wedding plans. Should I wear a different veil?

Here’s the thing. We’ve changed so many life plans due to Covid-19. Why should you have to change your veil vision too? My gut response is for you to do what feels right. And don’t worry... I got you, sis. Let’s talk through some possible scenarios. Have a specific question? Head to Style Me and begin your Consultation.

Scenario A: We just want to get married! We are doing a minimony (small ceremony) in an intimate setting, and I will wear something less formal.

If you’re reading this, your heart is set on wearing a Veil. Let me tell you, the Veil makes the look. You could wear a simple dress, a cute jumpsuit, or even blinged out jeans for that matter. Throw on a Veil and all of a sudden your look transforms and you’re the Bride. This is a day you’ll remember forever, and your Veil will give you that extra special something to remember. Here are some of my favorite Veils for minimony weddings.

Top Row: Paloma, Sofia, Salma

Bottom Row: Lupin, Mia Veil

Scenario B: I’ve rescheduled my wedding for an outdoor venue to accommodate guests and social distancing.

This is where your veil length comes into play. Some Brides with outdoor weddings are concerned that their Veil will be blowing everywhere in the wind. If this is you, consider choosing a fingertip Veil or a Cathedral Veil with some beading or lace on the edge to weigh it down and keep it from flying around. You will definitely want to secure your Veil with some hair pins. Check out my blog on How should I wear my hair? for more in-depth tips on securing your Veil.

Four great outdoor wedding options are Santa Maria, Fontaine, Chriss, Moniece

Scenario C: I’m planning on having a big wedding, even if I have to reschedule.

Wear exactly what you dreamed of! Bring on the drama with a Statement Veil like Donatella.

Styling Brides is my jam and I’m a problem solver/stylist at heart. Go to Style Me and submit your info for a virtual consultation with me and let’s finalize your wedding day look. Let’s rock this!

With Love,



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