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How should I wear my hair on my wedding day?

Your wedding day hairstyle should reflect who you are on a daily basis, and maybe add a little extra glam. One of the first questions I ask during consultation is, “How will you wear your hair?” Surprisingly, most Brides have an idea, but don’t really know for sure. That’s OK. You can wear a Veil with any hairstyle! I'm here to help you decide!

Warning: this post is a long one because I love everything about hair, and I aim to be inclusive and address all hair styles and types. You can find your hairstyle or type in bold and skip to it. If you're skimming, MAKE SURE you catch the PRO TIP.

Some things to consider when deciding on your hairstyle are:

How do you envision yourself walking down the aisle?

How does your hair texture hold the style you’re looking for?

What is your gown neckline?

Scheduling a hair and makeup trial is essential to knowing your look is exactly what you want. My beauty expert friends at Hello Lovely gave some great advice that I want to share with you:

“When thinking about scheduling hair and makeup trials it’s best to plan ahead. If you’re comfortable with the look of the portfolio and communication then go ahead and get on their schedule and book your trial 30-40 days before the wedding.

If you would rather have a trial before booking, then plan on having your trial a year prior to your wedding date.

Just like a salon stylist, you will want to bring in inspiration photos. Make sure they are realistic and mimic your skin tone and hair color. Bring accessories, wedding colors, and plan to be there for about an hour for each trial.”

-Ashley Backs, Owner, Hello Lovely

I want you to see how you can wear your Veil with any hair style or texture.

You might be wondering...How does my hairstyle effect my veil choice?

I’ve got great news for you, babe! You can wear your Veil with any hairstyle. Two tips for slaying your hair and Veil goals are:

1. Bring your Veil to your hair trial.

2. Secure your Veil in your hair so it doesn’t fall out.

Check out the featured hairstyles below and I’ll tell you how. But first, let me tell you a quick funny and almost tragic story. Yikes!

One Saturday morning I got an emergency call from my Wedding Planner friend, Weddings by Hannah. Her Bride’s Veil flew off her head during rooftop photos at one of my favorite venues, The Grand Hall KC. Needless to say, the veil was gone. I can only imagine the devastation! Her whole vision walking down the aisle was incomplete without a Veil. Hannah asked if she could borrow a Veil from my collection. Of course, I had to say yes. The Bride’s happily ever after started off right, and so should yours. Phew! Crisis averted.

Find your hairstyle below and I’ll tell you how to hang on to your treasured piece.

PRO TIP: ALWAYS secure your Veil on both sides with hair pins. Slide one through the tooth of the comb, and then secure that hair pin with another closed Bobby pin that attaches to your hair. I use metal combs, NOT plastic combs.

Here’s a guide on how to wear your Veil with different hair styles:

Hair down

A lot of Brides feel most gorgeous, and truth be told, their lucky Groom envisions them with their hair down. The key to keeping your veil secure is to tease or back-comb a section of hair where you want to place your veil. Be sure to leave a smooth layer of hair on top to cover up the teased section. Once you have your section prepped, simply slide your Veil in (remember, the curve of the comb goes with the curve of your head). Then secure with a hair pin or three on each side, making sure that at least one goes through the tooth of the comb. Hair extensions and sew-in styles provide the perfect anchor.


Want to wear your hair down, but out of your face? This elegant style may be just for you. Half-up hairstyles provide the perfect anchor for your Veil. Simply pop it in on top of your hair pins and secure. Make sure you have some volume at the top of your head to balance your look.


I looove side-swept loose braids and twists. I don’t know about you, but I get hot with my hair on my neck, but I feel most gorgeous with my hair down. Nothing says “I came to slay” more than a side-swept style. Come to think of it, this is how I wore my hair on my wedding day!

My friend Brandi recently got married, and I absolutely loved the unique way her stylist put her Veil in a little off-center. I never considered that. It was the perfect way to show her beautiful side-swept braid, and even added more dimension and flow to her custom Waltz length veil.

Low bun or chignon

If classic was a hairstyle, this is it. There’s something so chic and elegant about a low bun or chignon. If you’re a “less is more” type of gal, this hairstyle is for you. You can place your Veil above your bun and secure on both sides with hair pins. I’ve seen Veils secured underneath a low bun, with the comb upside down. For this alternative, make sure you double secure it, as there is less hair and resistance to hold the weight of your veil. For an extra special touch, consider a drop veil with a blusher or a birdcage veil for the ultimate glam look.


Updos help elongate your neck, accentuate the neckline of your gown, and highlight a woman’s most demure features- her beautifully sculpted shoulders and décolletage. My personal fave is an Angel cut Veil that accentuates your silhouette as it cascades down.

With an updo, you can simply pop your veil in either underneath or above your hairstyle, according to how much volume you want your overall look to achieve. If you are wearing your Veil under your updo, and you are also wearing a blusher (the piece that covers your face), you will definitely want a custom measurement on your blusher so it’s not too short. Need help with this? Click the Chat and I can guide you on how to measure to get the perfect length.


Unless you specifically search for Bridal hairstyles with locs, you probably won’t see many editorials or ads with Brides wearing locs. The Bridal Industry needs to do better! I have a feeling we’ll get there soon, and beautiful Brides like you will be celebrated as you should be!

Your Veil is part of your loc journey. Wouldn’t it be cool to play with some textures like lace, fringe, or leafy trim? Whether you’re wearing your locs down or in an updo, your Veil will slide comfortably into your style. Although your locs provide a natural anchor, I still recommend securing your veil with hair pins on each side of the comb.


Yessssss, Queen! First of all, let me applaud you on celebrating your crown in all its glory. Despite popular belief, you CAN wear your veil with your natural hair, and it will be gorgeous and lay right. It’s all about securing it close to your scalp, and then shaping your hair back out underneath.

Short hair

Did you know you can still wear a veil with short hair? Yes ma’am! Two important things to note are the weight of your veil and alternatives to wearing your Veil on a comb. There are so many different short hair styles and textures. I’d love to chat with you about yours!

Thanks for reading the lengthy post. I told you I love hair! Let’s talk about how you will wear your hair and Veil on your special day. Click here to book your consultation.

With Love,



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